Rosalind: Unabridged

The Unabridged version is complete and off to the editor. I am hoping to have this out by April 30th of this year. The original version had roughly 200 pages in eBook format, using double-spacing as required by Amazon. This version should be pushing 400 pages if not more.

The best way to think about this version is as a sort of rewrite, addition of dimension to some characters, and some structural changes. When I initially published Rosalind in 2013, I was quick to do so and made probably every mistake that could have been made. Hopefully, this version will resonate clearly with the newer readers as well as the readers of the original version that published three years ago. I can’t wait.

Along with the Unabridged version, there will be an audio book that comes directly from this version. That should be very exciting for everyone.

More news as it comes…


— Stephen