Rosalind: Unabridged Print Cover

The new cover (proof) is in! As soon as the print-quality cover comes in, the print version will be available for 13.99. Here it is.




Rosalind News

Exciting things are happening soon! As I slowly complete the Unabridged version of Rosalind (which should be due out this year, and it will be in print), I will also be working on delivering the audiobook version as well. I have found a wonderful voice over actress named Roxanne Weber to play all of the parts. Here portfolio can be seen here: Roxanne Weber.

Stay tuned for more news as it comes. And don’t forget, after all of the Rosalind cleanup is complete, I will be continuing on to Maggie.

I apologize for taking so long to get her daughter’s story out there. I found that I couldn’t continue that story until Rosalind got the attention and treatment she much needed.

— Stephen